Welcome to the AACRAO Electronic Database for Global Education (EDGE), a web-based resource for the evaluation of foreign educational credentials. Ultimately every educational system in the world will be included as an EDGE profile. The database currently includes 248 educational system profiles and is being expanded regularly and updated as educational systems change.

Each EDGE country profile includes:

  • An overview describing the educational history of the country.
  • An educational ladder or ladders to reflect changes in the educational structure
  • Grading system(s)
  • Sample credentials
  • Placement recommendations
  • List of postsecondary institutions
  • Resources used to develop the profile
  • Author biography and notes
  • Glossary — when applicable

The AACRAO EDGE is a dynamic resource for evaluating foreign credentials. The web format enables updating and revision as needed.

AACRAO wants to thank the Paver Family Foundation for its generous assistance in the launching of EDGE, as well as to those who have so generously donated their time and efforts in bringing this resource to realization. This has been a collaborative effort with many outstanding practitioners authoring profiles — we are most grateful for their continuing contribution.

We hope that you find the AACRAO EDGE to be a valuable and trusted tool in the evaluation of foreign educational credentials.

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